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Today’s Bed serves the Twin Cities marketplace with our superstore location in Woodbury, MN. Our local superstore offers a wide variety of brand mattresses, comfortable pillows & bedding, and quality bedroom furniture that serves all your sleeping needs. Today’s Bed has a four-step sleep evaluation process called Fit-4-Dreams. This unique program provides a ‘tailored sleep assessment’ that guides you to a proper mattress choice for the Best Sleep of Your Life. Our process selects a quality brand mattress for you based on four main topics – Comfort, Support, Pressure Relief, and Alignment. The perfect mattress choice that fulfills these goals is what gives you a great night sleep.


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Serving the Twin Cities marketplace for almost a decade, Today’s Bed Mattress Superstores use a unique four-step evaluation process to provide tailored sleep solutions for each customer. Our sales staff is focused on your needs and will answer any questions or concerns when you come in to select your next mattress. We have sleep solutions for every back and finance options for every budget. Come in today and “Sleep for a Better Tomorrow.”

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Today’s Bed has a variety of mattress sizes and top brands. Whether you are looking to replace a king or queen size mattress, or a full or twin size mattress for the guest room, or the kids have grown out of their beds, we have a mattress selection perfect for you. Today’s Bed provides the right choice from leading manufacturer brands offering conventional, hybrid, gel memory foam, or our adjustable bed technology solutions.

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Become healthier with a better night sleep. Physiological changes take place in our bodies when we sleep and are responsible for our health benefits, such as building immunities and relieving the mind and body of stress. Sleep time is when children physically develop, their bodies grow, brains mature, and their muscles strengthen. With a quality night sleep on the right mattress you will have no interuptions, more energy, a better diet, and a full recovery of your mind and body when you wake.


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